Set Dosa

Set Dosa is specialty of South Karnataka. Set Dosa with Chutney and Saagu is best option when you are hungry as the name indicates, the dosas are served in sets of 2 or 3!!.
If visiting Bangalore / Mysore, try out in any Darshini!!
Prep Time
10 Minutes + Soaking Time of at-least 5 Hours
Cooking Time
30 Minutes
3-4 People
Urad Dal / Uddina Bele / Black gram
Butter Milk / Curd
Methi Seeds / Fenugreek seeds
2 Cups
½ Cup
½ Cup
1 Cup
1 Tsp.
1.        Soak Rice, Poha and Urad Dal together with Curd or Butter Milk for at-least 5 hours. Overnight soaking is preferable if the butter milk/curd is not sour.
2.       Soak fenugreek seeds / methi separately in water for 4-5 hours.
3.       Grind all the above to a smooth batter.
4.       Let it ferment.  Once it ferments refrigerate it.
5.       To the batter add salt a little sugar to taste.
6.       Preheat the griddle and pour one ladle of the batter. Do not spread the batter. Oil the edges of the Dosa. Let it cook.
7.       Flip the dosa and cook it for not more than a minute.
8.       Serve it hot with butter on the top (optionalJ). Chutney and with Vegetable Saagu.


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