Heerekai Dosa / Ridge Gourd Dosa

Tasty and Healthy Ridge Gourd Dosa (Heerekai Dose) that can be done using the Uppu-Huli Dosa batter. A unique Dosa type from Udupi/Mangalore again!
Preparation Time
10 minutes
Cooking Time
30-40 minutes
3-4 people
Ridge gourd
Uppu Huli Dosa Batter
As required
As required
1.        Make Uppu Huli Dosa batter. Refer to the link for details.
Uppu Huli Dosa
2.       Wash and peel the ridge gourd roughly and remove the sharp ridges.
3.       Cut the top and bottom edges of ridge gourd.
4.       Then slice the ridge gourd into round (circular ring shape)shape.
5.       Now take the batter (uppu huli dosa batter) with the dosa consistency.
6.       Heat the griddle/tava in hot to medium flame.
7.       Dip each circular ring into the batter and arrange the ridge gourd pieces adjacent to each other into a dosa (circular) shape.
8.       Put oil and cover with a lid.
9.       Flip the dosa and cook it with a little oil.
10.    Serve the dosa with butter and chutney or vadu mango pickle.


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