Corn Chivda

A nice tea time snack with spices and lots of nut. Quick and easy to make. Crunchy, tasty and yummy to munch…..
Prep Time
15 Minutes
Cooking Time
10 Minutes
Corn Flakes (Unsweetened)
Puffed Rice / Churmura
Shoestring Fries
Raisins / Dry Grapes
Roasted Gram
Shredded Dry Coconut
Amchoor powder
Red Chilli Powder
Cumin Coriander Powder
Turmeric Powder
4 Cups
1 Cup
½ Cup
¼ Cup
¼ Cup
1 Tbsp.
1 Tbsp.
1 Tbsp.
¼ Cup
1 Tsp.
1 Tsp.
1 Tsp.
½ Tsp.
To Taste
1 Tsp.
For Seasoning
Fennel seeds / Saunf
Curry Leaves
1 Tsp.
1 Tsp.
1-2 Tbsp.
A Pinch
A Few
1.  Roast corn flakes in Microwave.
Note: I took little portions of corn flakes (corn poha) and microwaved for 40 seconds each. Microwaved puffed rice for 30 seconds too. Shoestring fries are easily available in departmental store. They are ready to eat (potato fries in string size). It’s ok if you don’t add them.
2.  In a broad pan heat oil on medium to high flame.
3.  Add mustard, when the mustard starts spluttering add fennel seeds, peanuts, cashews, almond and roast them till they attain light golden brown color.
4.  Now turn it to medium flame, add raisins, shredded coconut, roasted gram and roast it for a minute.
5.  Add the dry powders as well as salt and sugar and give a good mix, roast it for a minute.
6.  Now mix the roasted corn Poha, shoestring fries and puffed rice nicely.
7.  Switch off the stove.


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