Makhana Laddu


Makhanas are popularly known as phool makhanas, lotus seeds, fox nuts.  Makhanas gaining popularity as the new superfood. You can eat them roasted or raw, you can also make easy and interesting recipes with them in no time!

The Makhana or the Foxnut Laddus are quick to make healthy, yum and packed with nutrition.

Preparation Time

Cooking Time


10 Mins

10 Mins

15-16 laddos



o   2 Cups Makhanas

o   1 Cup jaggary

o   ¼ Cup each of Cashew, Almond, Raisins and Desiccated coconut

o   3-4 Tbsp Ghee/ Clarified butter

o   4 Tbsp Milk

o   ½ Tsp pinch of Cardamom powder


·       Heat a pan add the makhanas and 1 tsp of ghee and roast them in low to medium heat. Press one makhana and break for checking, if it’s crispy enough it will break easily otherwise roast them more. Takes about 4-5 minutes to roast.

·       Once they are roasted take them out in a mixing bowl.

·       In the same bowl with 1 tsp of ghee lightly roast the nuts and raisins separately. Transfer it to a plate.

·       Lightly roast the desiccated coconut and transfer it to the plate.

·       In the same pan just melt the jaggary and put on the low flame.

·       Now take a hand full of roasted Makhana, tablespoon each of the roasted nuts and separate them. With the help of your hands roughly Crush the roasted makhanas and keep them aside.

·       In a blender add the rest of the makhanas and roasted nuts and powder them.

·       Now add the powdered makhana mixture, cardamom powder, rest of the ingredients (Crushed makhanas, crushed and roasted nuts, desiccated coconut, raisins) to the melted jaggery.

·       Add the rest of the ghee and a little milk and combine well and start making laddus.

·       Once it has attained room temperature store the Makhana Laddus in an airtight container.


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