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Jackfruit Seed Tambuli/ Halsina Beejada Tambli

  When you are tired of regular food, try out Halsinbeejada Uddina Hittu/ Halsinbeeja tambli. Usually served with Balaka (Fried stuffed Chilli) and Coconut oil is a heavenly dish with hot rice J . Uddina Hittu tastes better if the curd used is a little sour. Preparation Time Cooking Time Serves 10 Mins 5 mins 3-4 people   Ingredients to make the dough: o    5-6 Jackfruit seeds o    1 Cup Yogurt/Curd o    1 tsp Grated Ginger o    Salt to taste Seasoning Ingredients: o    ½ Tsp Mustard o    1 tsp Urad Dal o    Oil as needed o    1-2 Chopped green chillies o    Few Curry Leaves o    A pinch of asafetida Method: o    Pressure cook the jackfruit seeds in water till they are soft. Once they have attained room temperature, grind the soft seeds with a little water to a smooth paste. o    Whisk the curd with salt and grated ginger. o    In a mixing bowl add the ground paste an

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