Dosakai Chutney

Dosakai Chutney Crunchy Chutney variety. Dosakai is round or oval yellow cucumber (belongs to squash family) and widely used in Andhra recipe. This Chutney goes well with Rice and ghee and also with chapati.
Prep Time
10 Minutes
Cooking Time
10 Minutes
2-3 People
Lemon / Lime juice
Coriander Leaves
1 Medium
1-2 Pods
To Taste
To Taste
To Garnish
To Grind
Chana Dal
Urad Dal
Fenugreek Seeds
Dry Red Chillies
1 tbsp.
1 Tbsp.
A Pinch
Urad Dal
Curry Leaves
½ Tsp.
1 Tsp.
A Few
A Pinch
As Reqd.
1.  Cut dosakai to half and scoop out the seeds. Set seeds aside.
Note: Check if the seeds are bitter; check the piece of dosakai too. Do not use if the pieces or the seeds are bitter. If the seeds or the pieces are sour take care while you add tamarind paste or lime juice.
2.  Dry roast the ingredients in “To Grind”.
3.  Cut dosakai to fine pieces.
4.  Grind the roasted ingredients with half of the seeds. Add garlic, lime or lime juice and salt. Grind the mixture. The ground mixture becomes a thick slightly coarse paste.
Note: Add little water if required. I have not added water, the juice of the seeds and lime was enough for grinding.
5.  Heat oil and season with the above ingredients. Just before switching off the seasoning add finely cut dosakai pieces and mix. Switch the stove off.
6.  Transfer the seasoned pieces to a bowl. Mix the ground mixture with your fingers.
7.  Garnish with coriander leaves and serve.


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