Raagi Mudde

Raagi mudde / finger millet ball is a delicacy of Karnataka especially in the Mandya and Mysore district. The benefits of raagi mudde are that it controls the sugar level; it is a store house of multi nutrients.
I learnt making Raagi Mudde from my mother in law. Had developed liking from past 8 years. Tastes specially good with any mixed vegetable or mixed green leafy vegetable sambar, bassaru and khara chutney. Here goes the recipe inherited from my husband’s grandmother to my mother in law and now to me. Hope you enjoy !!!
Prep Time
5 Minutes
Cooking Time
30-40 Minutes
2 People
Ragi / Millet Flour
1 Cup
1 tbsp.
To Taste
2 ½ Cup
To Serve
1.  Boil water in a broad pan / kadai. I preferably use a nonstick kadai.
2.  With ½ cup of water mix a tbsp. of ragi powder and stir well so that a dilute paste is formed.
3.  Add this dilute paste to the boiling water and stir the boiling mixture. Add butter and salt as well at this point. Let this mixture boil for 3-4 minutes.
4.  Add the remaining dry powder to the boiling mixture and try not to mix. Let the dry powder stay as it is on the top for 2-3 minutes.
5.  Now low the heat and mix the mixture well with a wooden spatula or a wooden rolling pin. Mix well so that there a no lumps formed and no more dry flour is left. The mixture becomes a big lump.

6.  Let it cook well for at least 15-20 minutes. Put of the stove now.
7.  Wet your hands and take some portion of the mixture and make a nice ball / mudde .
8.  Place the mudde / ball in a bowl and top it with little butter. Pour sambar around the mudde and serve.
9.  Traditionally served with khara, thili saaru and soppina huli. Dip the mudde piece and relish.


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