Carrot Pecan Cake (Eggless)

A moist and a yummy cake “Carrot Cake”. Grated carrot, nuts and spice all in a cake which makes the flavor and taste of the cake simply incredible. Adding pecan / walnut is to get some crunch with the moist cake. You can always frost the cake ones it is out of the oven and is cooled.
Prep Time
15-20 minutes
Cooking Time
40-45 Minutes
6-7 People
All Purpose Flour / Maida
Powdered Sugar
Baking Soda
Vanilla Essence
Cinnamon Powder
Grated Carrot
Chopped Pecan
2 Cup
1½ Cup
½ Cup
¾  Cup
½ Tsp.
1 Tsp.
½ Tsp.
1 Cup
½ Cup
¾ - 1 Cup (Approx.)
1.     Get butter up to room temperature
2.     Mix and Sieve All Purpose Flour / Maida and baking Soda and set aside
3.     In a mixing bowl, add butter and sugar. Whisk vigorously for 3-4 minutes.
4.     Add curd and whisk again for 2-3 minutes.
5.     Add chopped pecan and grated carrot and mix well and beat for some more time.
6.     Add vanilla essence and cinnamon powder and whisk.
7.     Mix the sieved all-purpose flour and whisk again for 1-2 minutes
8.     Now add milk slowly and keep on mixing till you get a medium consistency (not too thick or thin… thicker than Idly batter if you would compare).
9.     Preheat the oven for 5 minutes at 350 F (160 C). Grease the baking pan with a little butter.
10.  Pour the batter to baking pan and bake for about 30 minutes at around 350 F till the Cake turns golden brown.
Note: The edges bake faster than the center, so keep an eye on the edges. Another test is to prick with a knife and knife to come out clean without any batter sticking to it.
11.  Take out the pan, let it cool down


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