Baale Dindina Kosombri


Banana stem is a rich source of fiber and this recipe is a healthy option to consume. Banana plant is the only plant that is useful to us right from the leaves to stem. Thank to my dear friend Kavitha Kukkilaya to share the Banana stem and Banana flower with me.

Here is a healthy salad recipe for you all. You can also add chopped cucumber to this salad/ Kosumbri

Preparation Time

Cooking Time


10 Mins and soaking time for Moong dal

5 mins

3—4 people



o   ½ Cup Moong dal

o   ¼ cup grated Carrot

o   ¾ Cup finely chopped Banana stem

o   1 chopped Green chilli

o   Lime Juice to taste

o   Salt to taste

o   Chopped Cilantro to garnish

o   Fresh grated coconut to garnish (optional)


o   ½ tsp Mustard

o   A pinch of asafetida

o   Oil

o   Curry Leaves a few



o   The stem I used was very tender. Start slicing the stem horizontally (in circles) you will see lot of fibers, discard the fibers using your hands. Now chop them to smaller size. This takes a bit of time but its worth it. Once you chop them put them in water.

o   Soak moong dal in water for 1-2 hours with a pinch of turmeric powder in it.

o   Drain the soaked dal off the excess water.

o   Drain the chopped banana stem too and set aside

o   Now in a mixing bowl add shredded carrot, chopped banana stem and the dal.

o   Add salt and lemon to taste.

o   Prepare the seasoning and pour over the salad. Garnish with shredded coconut and chopped cilantro and relish.


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