Badam Holige


Almond (Badam) holige, is one of a sweet dish that is rich in taste and easy to make.  

Preparation Time

Cooking Time


10 Mins

40 mins

4 people


Ingredients to make the dough:

o   1 Cup All purpose flour/ maida

o   ½ cup Wheat Flour

o   ¼ Cup Sooji (optional)

o   A pinch of salt

o   ¼ tsp Turmeric

o   2 Tbsp Oil

o   Enough milk to knead the dough

Ingredients to make the filling:

o   1 Cup Powdered Almond

o   ¾ Cup sugar

o   A little water

o   Few Strands of Saffron

o   ½ tsp Powdered cardamom


o   Knead the dough smooth and soft, I used the food processor to knead the dough. Set it aside

o   Slightly roast and keep it aside.

o   Make sugar syrup with 3/4 cup of sugar with little water to one string consistency. ADD a pinch of saffron string(optional), can add cardamom pwd too again its optional.

o   Add the roasted and powdered almond to the sugar syrup and give it a good mix, add little milk if you feel its hard to mix the mixture. the filling should hold together when you touch it. Keep the felling aside.

o   Take portion of the filling and portion of the dough cover it and roll it like paratha, you can roll according to how you like.(thin/ thick),pat a little oil on the rolled poli.

o   Heat the skillet and transfer the rolled holige on to skillet carefully. cook in medium flame, when you see small bubbles form, just flip it over to cook the other side. Cook it light gold.

o   Store it in an airtight container once the holige/ poli has attained room temperature.


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