Ras Cream

 Ras Cream is a easy peesy dessert which can be made. Basically we don't have to cook, we just have to assemble the ingredients :) This dessert is a combination of rasgulla and vanilla ice cream, hence named Ras Cream ;)
Thanks Latha for sharing this recipe with me.
Prep Time
10 Minutes
6-8 People
Ras Gulla
Vanilla Ice-cream
Chopped Nuts
Saffron Strands
1 Tin
1 Medium Tub
¼ Cup
½ Tsp.
1.     Squeeze the syrup out of the ras gulla and set aside.
2.     Get the ice cream to room temperature.
3.     Now in a freezer safe bowl arrange the squeezed rasgullas side by side.
4.     Pour the melted ice cream over the rasgullas and see that all the rasgullas are cover with ice cream.
5.     Repeat the same process of arranging the rasgulla and pouring the ice cream till all your rasgulla and ice cream are over.
6.     Garnish with the saffron strands and the chopped dry nuts ( the one I used here are pistachios and almond ).
7.     Freeze the bowl for 3-4 hours.
8.     Scoop out Ras cream and serve it cold in a bowl.


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