Karela Sukka


Karela Sukka/ Bitter gourd sukka is a recipe shared by my friend. It tasted so good. Bitter gourd is one of the most nutritious veggie. 

Thanks to Aishwarya for sharing this recipe.

Preparation Time

Cooking Time


10 Mins

20 mins

3-4 people



o   5 medium sized Bitter gourd

o   Curry Leaves

o   7 Red dry Chillies

o   1 tbsp Urad dal

o   1 tbsp Coriander Seeds

o   ½ tsp Fenugreek Seeds

o   ½ Cup fresh grated coconut

o   Jaggery- To taste

o   Tamarind paste- to taste

o   1 tsp- Turmeric powder

o   Salt to taste



o   ½ Tsp – Mustard

o   ½ Tsp Urad Dal

o   A pinch Asafetida

o   Coconut oil



o   Deseed, clean and cut the bitter gourd to small pieces. (to the cut bittergourd add a little salt and turmeric powder and mix. Keep it for 5-10 mins and squeeze the cut bittergourd and use. This method will help to reduce a little bitterness of the veggie. This is optional, one can always use the directly cut bittergourd to prepare the dish)

o   For the masala, dry roast the dry red chillies, urad dal and coriander seeds. Once it cools down grind the dry roasted ingredients with turmeric powder and the fresh coconut to not too smooth paste.

o   Heat oil in the skillet and make the seasoning. Add the chopped bitter gourd and curry leaves, add water and let it cook for few minutes.

o   Add salt, jaggery and tamarind. Instead of tamarind paste you can add cut raw mango pieces too.

o    Now add the ground masala and mix well. Simmer and cook till done.

o   Goes well with hot rice and chapatis as well.


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