Thotakura Pulusu Kura is is an authentic Andhra dish. It's a dish easy to prepare and is made with amaranth leaves and tamarind pulp with not many spices. Love the cooked Channa dal in this dish. It’s a time consuming dish, but worth doing it this way though. One can also cook this in pressure cooker as well, but cooking this way tastes just yum. Worth trying it out once this way.
Thanks to Soujanya for sharing this recipe.

Preparation Time

Cooking Time


10 Mins

60 mins

3-4 people



3 cups(or one bunch)- Thotakura leaves/ Harive Soppu without stalks 4 cups(or one bunch)
2- chopped Tomato

1- Chopped Onion
2- Green chillies

½ Cup- Channa Dal
Tamarind paste- to taste

Jaggery- To taste
1 tsp- Turmeric powder
1Tsp- Red chilli powder
Salt to taste

½ Stick Butter



o   ½ Tsp – Mustard

o   1 Tbsp- Roughly chopped Garlic

o   1 Tsp- Oil

o   A Few Curry leaves

o   2- Red Chillies (Optional)

o   A pinch Asafetida



o   Clean the Thotakura/ Amaranthus (Just the leaves, not the stalk).

o   Take a heavy bottomed pan, heat the pan. Add butter to the pan, add the chopped thotakura, onion, tomato and the channa dal.

o   Cover it and cook on low heat, mix occasionally.

o   After almost 35 mins, add turmeric, red chilli powder, salt, jaggery and tamarind paste.

o   Cover and cook for another 25mins with occasional stirring.

o   Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds let it crackle, add roughly chopped garlic and red chillis fry for few seconds, hing and curry leaves put it off. Add the tempering to the cooking thotakura and give a good mix. Cook for couple more minutes and switch off the stove/ heat.

o   Serve with hot rice and ghee.


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