Mint and Garlic Naan

Naan is a leavened flatbread usually oven baked. This mint and garlic naan is a stovetop version. This one is easy to make and each bite gives nice flavor between mint and garlic.
Prep Time
15 minutes and dough resting time (1.5 Hours)
Cooking Time
20-25 Minutes
3-4 People / 8-9 Naan
Wheat Flour
Mint Leaves
Garlic Pods
Dry Yeast
Sesame Seeds
1 Cup
1 Cup
2 Tbsp.
4-5 Big
½ Sachet
As Reqd.
To Taste
1 Tbsp.
To Smear
1.     Grind mint leaves and garlic pods together to a paste.
2.     Take ¼ glass of warm water. Add salt and add ½ sachet of yeast and let it stay for 10-12 minutes till light froth appears.
3.     In a mixing bowl mix both the flour. To this add the ground paste and the yeast water and knead the dough with enough water. Cover the dough with a lid and let the dough rise. This process may take up to 1.5 hours.
4.     Knead the dough again. Divide the dough to equal balls.
5.     Take a ball and press one side of the ball against the sesame seeds and start rolling the ball to a round or a triangle shape. Can use dry flour for dusting. Roll to a thick circle.
6.     Heat the griddle and cook the naan on both the sides.
7.     Smear ghee once the naan is cooked.
8.     Serve with any gravy curry.


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