Veggie Sandwich

 Vegetable Sandwich when you need something quickly and when you feel bored eating plain toasted bread. Use any bread, I have used multi grain bread. You can Indianize with some green chutney etc. Even vegetables like baked beetroots, carrot go well as stuffing for this.
Prep Time
10 minutes
Cooking Time
15-20 Minutes
4 People
Bread Slices
Boiled Potatoes
Tomato Ketchup
Sliced Cucumber
Sliced Tomatoes
Sliced Onion
8 Slices
2 Medium
½ Cup.
½ Cup
As Reqd.
As Reqd.
As Reqd.
1.  Cut the boiled potatoes to small pieces or else you can mash as well.
2.  Apply ketchup to one slice of the bread, apply green chutney to another slice of bread
3.  Place cut / mashed potatoes on any of the applied bread slice. Arrange sliced onion, sliced tomatoes and sliced cucumbers on the bread and cover with the other applied slice.
4.  Apply butter on top of the sandwich and slide it on to a sandwich maker.
5.  Arrange the remaining bread slices and make the sandwich.
6.  Serve hot..


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