This naivedhya is a must for Gana Homa i.e. for Ganesha Pooje. Krishna Janmastami and Deepawali (Tulsi Pooja) are two of the many occasions when it is prepared. Panchakajjaya is prepared as prasadha. A naivedhya which is prepared with five main ingredients. Pancha means five and Kajjaya means sweets, Beaten Rice, Coconut, Jaggery, Black Sesame seed and ghee are most important one and rest are optional.

Also known as sihi avalakki.

Preparation Time

Cooking Time


5 Mins

10 Mins




o   1 Cup- Avalakki /Thin Poha

o   1/4 Cup- Battarulu/ Puffed paddy

o   3/4 Cup- Freshly Grated Coconut

o   ½ Cup- Bella/ grated Jaggery

o   1/2Tbsp- Yellu/ Roasted Black Sesame Seeds

o   1 tsp- Ghee

o   1 Tsp- Honey

o   1 Cut Banana

o   Cardamom powder (Optional)

o   Sugar cane pieces (Optional)



o   In a mixing bowl mix the grated fresh coconut and jaggery together first and make it smooth.

o   Add the avalakki to it and mix well again.

o   To this mixture add, ghee, honey, roasted sesame seeds and mix. At this point cardamom powder can be added as well.

o   Lastly add the cut banana pieces and sugarcane pieces and give a light mix.


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