Nucchinunde / Steamed Dumpling

Nucchin unde is a dal / lentil steamed dumpling. This dish is a popular and a authentic Karnataka cuisine. Usually made with toor dal. Here I have added channa dal and moong dal as well. Adding multi dal here is to load this dish up with lot of protein and to make it more delicious.
Nucchin Unde is OIL FREE , so can eat with no guilt. This dish is traditionally served with Majjige Huli.
Prep Time
15 Minutes + 3 hours soaking time
Cooking Time
20-25 Minutes
4 People (16 Nucchinunde)
Toor Dal
Channa Dal
Moong Dal
Chopped Dill Leaves
Chopped Onion
Grated Fresh Coconut
Green Chillies
1 Cup
½ Cup
½ Cup
1 Cup
½ Cup
½ Cup
A Small Piece
To Taste

1.     Wash and soak all the three dals together for 3-4 hours.
2.     Drain the water completely after the dal is soaked. Grind the dal to coarse form along with green chillies and ginger.

3.     To this coarse ground dal all salt, chopped dill leaves, chopped onion and grated fresh coconut. Mix well.
4.     Grease the idli stand and set it ready.
5.     Make equal size ping pong size ball and steam it for 25 minutes.
6.     Serve steamed dumpling / nuchinnude with majjige huli or coconut chutney.
Note: We can always try with other other leafy veggies such as Menthi leaves / fenugreek leaves or pudina leaves / mint or coriander leaves. Else you can make this dish just plain without any onion or any leafy veggies. Another option is you can season the dumping with mustard before steaming them.


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