Mixed Flour and Vegetable Rotti

Thanks to my friend Veena Suresh for sharing this recipe. Veena told me that she adds lots and lots of veggies with just a little rice flour (just to bind) to make this rotti . Here I have added mixed type of flour and mixed veggies and mixed green leafy veggies. Here goes the recipe, cheers !!!!
Prep Time
15 minutes
Cooking Time
25-20 Minutes
4-5 People
Chopped leafy Vegetable
Ragi Flour
Jowar Flour
Green Chillies
Cumin Seeds
Chopped Curry Leaves
Hot Water
1 Cup
1 Cup
1 Cup
1 Small
1 Medium
1-2 Tsp.
1 Tbsp.
To Taste
As Reqd.
As Reqd.
1.  Finely chopped leafy vegetables include fenugreek leaves/ methi, spinach/ palak, dill leaves/ Sabakshi and coriander leaves.
2.  Grate potato; finely chop green chillies and onion.
3.  Now take all the chopped and the grated veggies in a mixing bowl. Add both ragi and Jowar flour. Add salt, chopped curry leaves and cumin seeds and crumble them together with your hands slowly.
4.    Add hot water slowly and mix into a dough (Not too soft and not too dry… should be softer than Chapati dough).
Note: Check out if you need any water. That’s because sometimes the juice of the chopped vegetable is only more than enough to mix the dough.
5.    Divide the dough into 8 portions
6.    Take an Aluminum foil / Banana Leaf. Smear oil to the foil / leaf.
7.    Keep a portion of dough on the foil and pat it with hand into a round roti shape.
Note: Wet your hand slightly to avoid the dough sticking to hand and to be able to pat the dough to shape.
8.    Put a spoon of oil and smear over the roti.
9.    Heat a skillet on medium flame and on the skillet put the roti with foil still on top of the roti.
10.  After a minute, take out the foil slowly and put another spoon of oil and cook for about a minute and flip over. Cook till the other side is done too.
11.  Serve hot with Ghee and Chutney Powder


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