Pathrode is another very popular dish of South Canara- Karnataka. Pathrode is either a steamed or shallow fried dish. An all-time favorite dish at home.
Pathrode is prepared with Colocasia Leaf / Taro / Kesuvina Yele / Arbi Ke patte.

Picking the leaf is very tricky as few of them are itchy. So one should be careful while selecting the leaves. It’s best if the leaves are greenish brown in color. Read it somewhere that the leaves itch because needle like calcium oxalate crystals are broken down while it cooks.
Prep Time
10-15 Minutes
Cooking Time
25-30 Minutes
3-4 People
Kesuvina Yele / Taro Leaves
9 Leaves
1-2 Cup
½ Tbsp.
To taste
1.     The batter should be idly batter consistency. Add a little salt and jaggery and mix well, set aside.
2.     Clean the leaves and remove the stem portion, thick veins present in the center, on the back of the leaves. Take care not to tear the leaf. The size of the leaves vary, hence separate the leaves from the biggest to the smallest leaves so that you get almost uniform thickness throughout.
3.     Take the largest leaf and turn to its back. Apply the batter carefully and uniformly on the leaf. Using your fingers cover the entire leaf with batter.

4.     Take another leaf which is smaller than the earlier one and place it on top of the previous batter spread leaf and repeat the same procedure of applying the batter. This way you apply three leaves one above the other.

5.     Fold the battered leaves first on the sides and roll them from top to bottom.  Cut with a knife to thin rounds.
6.     Take the left over batter and add a little water and make the batter to dosa consistency.
7.     Heat the skillet. Dip the thin round cut piece into the batter and place it on the skillet (tava) and drizzle some oil. Cook on both the sides. Repeat the same with other round pieces.
8.     Serve with butter and vadu mango pickle or jaggery.


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