Maddur Vade

Maddur Vada is a tasty crispy vada variety item from Karnataka. This snack derives its name from the town of Maddur which is in the Mandya district of Karnataka. If driving between Bengaluru and Mysuru take a break at Maddur and relish hot crispy vadas if not you can still relish the vadas at home with the recipe below :)
Prep Time
10 Minutes
Cooking Time
20 Minutes
4 People
All Purpose Flour / Maida
Semolina / Sooji (Fine)
Rice Flour
Finely Chopped Onion
Deskinned Peanuts
Cumin / Jeera Powder
Red Chilli Powder
Hot Oil
1 Cup
½ Cup
¼ Cup
¼ Cup
1 Tbsp.
½ Tsp.
1 Tsp.
To Taste
2 Tbsp.
To Deep Fry
1.     In a mixing bowl, add all the dry ingredients.
2.     Add chopped onion and mix well, to this add the hot oil and mix well so that the dried ingredients look like crumbled.
3.     Add water little by little ( I approximately needed not more than ¼ cup of water because the moisture of the onion would have already made the flour a little wet )  and make a stiff dough. Let the dough rest for 5-0 minutes.
4.     Pinch a small amount of dough and make balls out of it and flatten them to round circle as shown and set aside.

5.     Heat oil to deep fry. Deep fry the flattened circles to golden.
6.     Crispy Maddur Vada ready to serve.


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