Ulavacharu Vegetable Biryani

Ulavacharu Vegetable Biryani is one of my of latest favorite dishes. I got introduced to this dish by my brother Durga Prasad who lives in California. During our visit to his place this summer, I got to taste this yummy biryani.
I never knew that biryani could be made using horse gram.

Do try and let me know,  I hope you all will love it too. 😊

Prep Time
30 minutes
Cooking Time
30 Minutes
Ingredients for Cooking rice

Basmati Rice
Cinnamon Stick
Bay leaf
1.5 Cup
5 cups
1 inch
To taste
2 Tsp.
Ingredients for Biryani Gravy
Mixed Veggies
Oil/ Ghee
Shah Jeera/ Caraway Seeds
Ginger Garlic Paste
Slit Green chillies
Red Chilli Powder
Turmeric Powder
Biryani Masala Powder
Horse gram water/ Stock
1 Cup
½ Cup
3 Tbsp.
1 Inch
1 Tsp.
1 Tsp.
1 tsp
½ Tsp.
1 Tsp.
1 Cup
To taste
Chopped Mint and Coriander Leaves
Fried Onion
Fried Cashewnuts
½ Cup
½ Cup
1 Tbsp.
Method for cooking rice:

1.   Soak the rice for 20 mins, drain and cook the rice with the above-mentioned ingredients in the list. Once cooked fluff the rice and set aside.
Method for cooking Horsegram:
2.   Soak a tablespoon of horsegram overnight. Cook the horsegram with a cup of water in a pressure cooker with one whistle and sim and cook for 20-25 mins. Let it cool. Drain and separate the water and set aside.

Method for cooking Biryani Gravy:
3.   In a thick and deep bottomed pan, heat the oil/ ghee. Add cardamom, cinnamon, shah jeera, bay leaf and clove one by one.

4.   Add ginger garlic paste and green chillies and stir and cook till the raw smell is gone.
5.   Add the mixed veggies (roughly chopped carrots, potatoes, Capsicum, broccoli and peas) and sauté for a minute. Add the dry powders.

6.   Add yogurt and stir. Add the horse gram water/ stock and add salt for taste.

7.   Close the lid and cook for 4-5 mins on medium flame.

8.   Once the gravy is ready, layer the cooked rice, chopped mint and coriander leaves and fried onion and fried cashewnuts.

9.   Close the lid and simmer for 15 mins. The veggies should not be over cooked. Once done slightly mix it before serving. Serve Ulavacharu biryani with raita or mirchi ka salan.


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