Samosa Chaat

Hello my dear Friends !! I am back with a mouthwatering Starter dish J. Presenting Samosa Chaat !!

Samosa Chaat is one of the most popular chaats in India.  Samosa is broken into pieces and severed with the chole / channa gravy, green and sweet chutney and with freshly chopped veggies as toppings. It is a filling dish.

I had a few mini frozen samosas, homemade sweet and green chuntey at home. I just had to make the gravy to go with. My family simply loved and relished Samosa Chaat!! Hope you will try to make this dish and relish it as well.. Until then, bye J!!!
Prep Time
20 Minutes
Cooking Time
30-40 Minutes
4 People

Mini Samosas
Kabuli Channa / Chick Peas
Boiled Potatoes
Chopped Coriander Leaves
Chopped Mint Leaves ( Optional )
Salt / Sugar
Turmeric Powder
Cumin Powder
Garam Masala
Cumin Seeds
1 Cup
2 Small
2 Small
1 Medium
2 Cloves
½ Cup
1 Tbsp
To taste
1 Tsp
1 Tsp
2 Tsp
1 Tsp
2 Tbsp
To Assemble
Green Chutney
Sweet Chutney
Whisked Curd
Finely Chopped Onion
Finely Chopped Tomatoes
Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

1.      Soak the channa/ dry green or yellow peas overnight. Pressure cook the channa until it becomes tender.
2.      Dice the onion and tomatoes and set aside. With a tablespoon of oil sauté diced onion, ginger and garlic for 4-5 mins in medium heat. Now add diced tomatoes and sauté for another 5 mins. Set aside and let it cool.

3.      Grind the sautéed onion and tomatoes with coriander leaves and mint leaves to a smooth paste.

4.      Heat a tablespoon of oil, season cumin seeds, add the ground paste and sauté on medium to low heat for 5 mins. Add all the dry powders, sugar and salt to taste and mix well. Now add mashed potatoes and pressure cooked channa. Add about ¾th- 1 cup of water and bring the gravy to boil. Let this mixture cook for at least 10 minutes.

To serve :
1.   Warm the samosas (as I had some frozen samosa), I warmed them in the toaster oven for 5 mins at 400 degree F.

2.   Cut 2-3 Samosas to half and place them in a serving plate.

3.   Pour a ladle full of chick peas / channa gravy on top of the cut samosas.

4.   Drizzle the green, sweet chutnies and drizzle the whisked curd on top of the gravy.

5.   Sprinkle finely chopped onion, tomato and coriander leaves. Sprinkle sev and garnish.


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